Winner Slide Edited

Written and Directed by:
Devi Nampiaparampil

Highlight Reel

Produced by:
Devi Nampiaparampil and Hormis Thaliath

Theme Song:
“One More Today”
by The Lilt: Andres Gallo, Shruti Mutalik, and Abel Alvarado
Available on iTunes

Music Score:
“A Life For A Life”
by Danielle Merlis

Audio Mixing and Mastering Engineering:
by Andres Gallo

Featured Cast:
Sherri Bevan Walsh
Patricia Millhoff
Eugene Izsak
Jonathan Groner
Shruti Mutalik
Robert Klein
Alan Johnson
Joanna Kuppy
Hormis Thaliath
Devi Nampiaparampil (Narrator)

Kevin Coyne
Heather Deery
Gregory Clouatre
Nature Ganganbaigal

Special Thanks To:
Sherri Bevan Walsh and April Wiesner at the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office
Jo Ellen Smith, Amy Hamilton and Larry Greene at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections

Featured in The New York Times:
February 15, 2015, Pushing Each Other to Succeed


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